Discord Emojis

Discord is a software that provides all kinds of communication like voice calls, video calls, instant messaging and file sharing. This platform came into existence in 2015.

  • It supports the utilization of emojis via shortcodes that are presented as pictures from Twitter emoji set.
  • Till early 2016, discord emojis only provided support to Emoji 3.0
  • After then Discord rapidly started to update its emoji set, In late 2016 it included support to Emoji 4.0
  • Discord emoticons were updated again in 2017, when Emoji 5.0 was supported in it’s new version.
  • In 2018, Discord made a major milestone, and included support to Emoji 11.0
  • Lastly in 2019 they again launched a new version which supports Emoji 12.0. You can find complete discord emoji list is provided here:
Platform Image

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