Instagram Emojis

Instagram is a popular platform among youngsters, and it is widely used for promotional purposes as well. The popularity of this online platform has made it one of the most used social media platforms of recent times.

  • Instagram allows its billions of users to post stories that may include pictures, text with emojis, and emoticons.
  • This platform supports standard Emoji available in iOS and Android.
  • However, after the purchase of Instagram by Facebook, now this platform has started using Facebook Emojis.
  • The users can use native emojis as Instagram emojis and can also browse pictures via emoji hashtags.
  • People also prefer to add various emojis for Instagram stories to make it more appealing and captivating.
  • You can also copy and paste symbols for Instagram from other online platforms. The complete list of emojis for Instagram are provided here:
Platform Image

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