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Slack is an online platform that is majorly designed for business organizations and companies for communication and file-sharing purposes. This American-based online platform offers a list of exclusive features that may assist you in managing your business and appropriately share information with your colleagues and employees. You can create various channels, chat rooms, and private conference calls on Slack. Instant messaging, voice, and video calls are also some key features of this amazing online platform.

  • While talking about the Emojis, Slack supports both regular Unicode characters and short emoji code, which will convert into an emoji when entered.
  • The iOS users can view Apple emojis in Slack, while the Android users may see the Google Emojis there.
  • All the other platforms like Android, Linux and Windows show emojis in Slack using symbols developed by Google's Noto Color Emoji.
  • Emoji shortcodes on Slack are generated from its own fountain. It is not mandatory that all the shortcodes of Slack emojis work the same on other platforms.
  • Slack didn't support emoji codes for Emoji 12.0 and above till July 2020, but it is being said that the new update will allow users to utilize Emoji for 12.0 on Slack.
  • In June 2020, Jen Lewis has offered an exclusive set of remote work emojis over the web for Slack.
  • Full Slack emoji list is provided here for copy paste.
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Emoji Reactions

In addition to regular emoji use, reactions are also available. This allows any emoji to be chosen as a response to a message. Reactions are tallied if multiple users apply the same emojis.

slack emoji reactions
Slack Emoticon Codes

The following codes convert emoticons into emoji images on Slack.

slack emoticon codes
Meanings of All Emojis in Front of Chats

The emojis in front of each of your friend’s chat show the level of connection between you and your friends. Let’s discover the meaning of all emojis you might find in front of chats.

remote work slack emoji set emojik

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